Bulging, Herniated or Degenerative Spinal Discs Disease

Why We're Suffering from Back Pain

A unique feature of the spinal disc is that it is avascular (‘without blood’) which is a fancy word that means it does not have a direct blood supply. The only way the disc gets the water, oxygen and nutrients – the circulation – that it needs to survive is by a very specific mechanism called the ‘pump mechanism’ of disc nutrition. This mechanism works as we move and works like a pump. If you injure the disc the pump mechanism does not work properly and over time will cause bulging discs, herniated discs and degenerative disc disease and, possibly, spinal stenosis.

So, the main problem causing your pain and symptoms is the failure of the pump mechanism.

If one day that pump fails it will cause a decrease in circulation to that plant. Well, what happens to any type of tissue – whether it be plant, animal or human tissue – if it loses circulation?

It will cause the tissue to become weak and eventually die. This is exactly what is happening in your spinal discs. The pump mechanisms are no longer working, and the disc needs circulation to be able to heal and repair.

Degenerative, herniated or bulging discs explanation
The treatment with Detensor could fix your pump mechanism that is not working in your injured spinal discs.

Detensor spinal traction therapy could relax the spinal condition, increase intervertebral spaces and improve nutrition flow, based on better pump effect/Traction may be helpful for reducing or relieving the constant pressure that certain muscle groups and parts of the skeleton endure, either from normal day-to-day living or from injury and disease. For patients whose conditions are due to spinal issues, muscle spasms, over- or under-stressed muscles and joints and minor injuries, chiropractic traction may provide short-term pain relief (especially true for sciatica patients), increased vascular and lymphatic flow, increased muscle tone (for flexibility and strength) and balance.

Back pain relief naturally non-invasive therapy

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