Clinical Case #20170310

MRI Images for Patient #20171103 Before and After Treatment

Patient with osteochondrosis and herniated disk

This image done 03/27/2017 before treatment

Medical conclusion on the basis of examination of the patient and MRI images: Signs of degenerative changes of the lumbosacral spine (osteochondrosis) complicated by sequestered herniated intervertebral canal at the disc prolapse level.

After Detensor therapy patient feels better

This image done 10/21/2017 after treatment

In comparison with the MRI image before treatment with Detensor, positive dynamic changes were noted in the form of a decrease in the size of a herniated disc of the L4 / 5 spinal disc. At the same time there are no signs of caudal migration of the contents of the hernial sac and visualization of the hernial sequestrum. All this takes place against the backdrop of treatment with the use of Detensor therapy.

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